Why Infinity Rehab?

Hear from our founder, president, and leaders at Infinity Rehab. Our leaders are clinicians who are passionate about Infinity’s mission to provide the best of science with the art of caring.

My Journey Back to Infinity Rehab

In this touching testimonial, Lisa Edwards, a PTA for nearly 30 years, shares her career journey as a therapist and how she found her way back to Infinity Rehab.

What Makes Skilled Nursing Special

In this third video in a series, Brandy Hoffert, DPT, shares her experience both as a patient in skilled nursing therapy and as a therapist with Infinity Rehab for over 20 years. Hear her touching story and the passion she has for the work she does in skilled nursing.

My Onboarding Experience: I Had a Lifejacket!

Lindsey Steele, OT, shares how personalized her training was, the check-ins, the support, and how it wasn't a "sink or swim" situation like so many other experiences she has had.


Leaders with a therapists' perspective.

The Pearl Funny

"As a new DOR onboarding a new grad therapist for the first time, I have found the immersion program to be very beneficial. I appreciate having guidelines to know what to go over and when."

Andrea Betts, DOR,
| Avamere Rehabilitation of Clackamas, Oregon

"My passion in this practice is the people. The feeling when you see a patient realize their goals is unbeatable!"

Megan Zartman, PT and Outpatient Clinic Director | Infinity Rehab at Home, Colorado

"I am so glad to be a part of the team! It is definitely a fast-paced environment, but I am feeling I am getting the swing of things. I learned so much and am excited to learn more through my time with Infinity!"

Julia Barlett, OTA New Hire/Grad, | Avamere Rehabilitation of Hillsboro, Oregon

"I really do think a new hire I’ve worked with has appreciated all the support that the 90-day Immersion Program and the DIG into Mentorship program have provided. These programs have been very helpful at the DOR level as well!"

Karen Parker, DOR, | Avamere Riverpark of Eugene, Oregon

"I'm feeling more confident in my role and understanding the documentation, system of communication, company culture, productivity, and overall just being an occupational therapist with Infinity Rehab. I'm looking forward to learning more on how to grow with the company and connect/learn from my therapy and inter-professional team."

Jonathan Basso, OT New Hire/Grad, | Avamere Riverpark of Eugene, Oregon

"I was very happy to see such an emphasis placed on high intensity training as this is something I have been trying to advocate for and love that the whole company will be striving for this level of care."

Nicholas Rech, PT, | Grand Island, Nebraska

"On my first day, I appreciated the slower pace and how much the team made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I feel comfortable with my caseload and am excited to see where I will be at in the near future with efficiency and clinical knowledge/application."

Jasmine Choquette, OT, | Avamere Rehabilitation of Beaverton, Oregon

"I appreciate the company’s commitment to being on the leading edge of change in the healthcare system and to continuing education. I feel like there are opportunities for career growth should one choose to pursue them."


"I feel that Infinity has great support in place for new therapists and is always seeking ways to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare evolution."


"Proactive not reactive in regards to the changes coming from CMS and ACOs."


"Infinity Rehab is very progressive in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. I feel it is a secure place to work and will be around for a long time."



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