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Get field experience and assistance from clinicians! Infinity Rehab offers more than 200 student rotation opportunities each year across the Northwest, Mountain, and Midwest regions.

We provide a top-notch experience in post-acute rehab and skilled nursing settings for students interested in learning what it takes to provide outcomes-based rehab for older adults. Apply today to launch your clinical career.

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Dig into mentorship

We know how important mentorship is for new clinicians. That’s why Infinity Rehab offers a mentorship program, DIG into Mentorship, for all new graduate clinicians joining their team or for those who want a little extra help.

DIG stands for direction, influence, and guidance – three things mentors aim to provide their mentees through this program.

DIG into Mentorship provides a strong clinical foundation. The program aligns with Infinity Rehab’s pursuit to provide exceptional quality, value, and patient and customer experience, as well as creating a culture that inspires employees to grow as leaders.

Purpose of mentorship

DIG into Mentorship provides Clinical Fellows, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and assistants an opportunity to heighten knowledge, skills, training, and competencies.

This program is paired with both the Clinical Champions and 90-Day Immersion programs to support ongoing clinical skills development, training, learning opportunities, and clinical mentorship experience.

What mentees gain

Mentoring relationships enhance professional development and promote growth in several ways, including:

  • Providing access to professional advice
  • Promoting self-confidence
  • Developing new skills
  • Enhancing professional opportunities
  • Reducing job-related stress

Our Mentors & Mentees

Infinity Rehab mentors have at least two years of clinical experience, have been employed by Infinity Rehab for one year, and are active participants in our Clinical Champions program.

Mentees may be new employees, including recent graduates, experienced therapists new to the setting, or current employees needing more support and guidance.

DIG into Mentorship lasts 90 days for COTA, OT, PT, PTA, and SLP. The program is nine months for CF-SLPs.

Join our team and apply to become part of our DIG into Mentorship program!

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90-day immersion program

Infinity Rehab helps new clinicians ease into their job through the 90-Day Immersion Program. During this time, clinicians get to know the company culture, meet their team, set professional goals, and fully immerse into their new role at their own pace.

Breaking down the 90 days

The immersion program divides training across 90 days. New team members receive a checklist that outlines everything they will accomplish day-by-day during the first week, then weekly accomplishments for the remainder of the program.

Some of the to-dos include:

  • Meeting the team
  • Reviewing safety guidelines
  • Getting to know the Infinity Rehab culture (including our company newsletter and employee programs)
  • Getting to know our employee tools
  • Completing chart audits with your director
  • Setting your goals

Other training tools include an introduction to Infinity Rehab’s Clinical Champions program, the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, clinical protocols, and daily operations.

It’s all about support

We’re excited to welcome new team members, and we want them to be just as excited about their new career adventure!

Our 90-day program helps our new employees:

  • Feel strong support
  • Bond with their supervisors and teams
  • Get to know Infinity Rehab and our values
  • Immerse in our company culture
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Clinical Champions

Become a Clinical Champion at Infinity Rehab!

The Clinical Champions Program focuses on identifying and developing the clinical behaviors essential for effective clinical practice at Infinity Rehab.

The Clinical Champions program has three main goals:

  1. To help every Infinity clinician understand the core behaviors we consider essential practices to deliver high-quality patient care
  2. To provide a roadmap for everyone to advance their own skills toward higher levels of expertise in those areas
  3. To serve as a company structure for the effective rollout of patient care improvement programs

Clinician practice is measured in each of five areas across three levels of progressive excellence, providing a clear framework for every Infinity Rehab clinician to advance their development within the company.

Level 1 behaviors are considered essential actions for producing outstanding patient care outcomes and required for all Infinity Rehab clinicians.

Level 2 & Level 3 are voluntary, designed to be challenging and paired with increased incentives and opportunities.

Join our team today and become a Clinical Champion!

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Clinical Academy

Clinical Academy is a six-month virtual immersion into the best-evidence elements of Infinity Rehab’s clinical model. LEARN MORE

The curriculum includes activities designed to help build skills in delivery methods and clinical decision making associated with the evidence behind the clinical model. The teaching methods are designed to be interactive, participatory, and reflective. The academy includes nine virtual sessions coupled with a multi-faceted capstone project.

Clinical Academy is led by Patty Scheets, PT, DPT, NCS, and Vice President of Quality and Compliance for Infinity Rehab. The academy is open to physical and occupational therapists and assistants who have worked for Infinity at least 90 days, full or part-time, and are level 2 and 3 Clinical Champions or level 1 clinicians currently pursuing level 2.

Join our Infinity Rehab team and advance your clinical knowledge!

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Clinicians throughout Infinity Rehab gather in person or virtually for our annual Symposium for a weekend of networking, learning, and fun. Our team members leave Symposium with skills they can start using right away in their clinical practice.

Follow Infinity Rehab on Facebook to keep up with and register for our upcoming Symposium – open to employees and all therapy professionals!

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Leadership academy

Leadership Academy is a year-long program transforming employees into leaders. Throughout the curriculum, they learn leadership practices to navigate real-world challenges.

Our Leadership Academy scholars have covered many important topics, including:

  • Patient-centered admission process
  • Developing campus outpatient program
  • A humanizing skilled nursing facility rehabilitation experience: person first, patient second
  • Improving multi-disciplinary communication to increase patient satisfaction and compliance

"This course is literally re-shaping my view of my work life and how I approach it.""

Find out more

Discover the top 5 lessons learned through Leadership Academy!


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