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Employees at Infinity Rehab

Our focus on our people, engaging professional development programs, and overall culture speaks volumes about what it’s like to be a part of the Infinity Rehab team.

Our vision emphasizes the level of care our therapists provide: To be the first choice for high-value rehabilitation in every home and community.

Our therapists live by this vision statement every day. They take a patient-centered approach and use evidence-based interventions. They have innate integrity and a readiness for change. Infinity Rehab therapists are inspired by our programs to gain new skills and continually learn.

Those interested in clinically advancing their careers can strive to be a Level 2 or 3 Clinical Champion, focusing on direct patient skills and personal attributes that are key to our culture.

We also offer therapists the opportunity to be mentors for new graduates and to mentor students in clinical rotations. For those interested in leadership, we offer director of rehab-in-training, and for select therapists, we offer the Leadership Academy to help them hone their leadership skills.

We have developed our People Priority to help prepare our workforce for the changes in healthcare and to identify high-potential performers.

Our strong culture resonates with and builds from our strong team of therapists. Our therapists have a passion for our vision and culture, and we seek therapists who share that same passion.

At Infinity Rehab, we continue to work toward an irresistible culture that inspires individuals to grow as leaders, clinicians, and innovators. Advance your clinical career the Infinity Rehab way.

Employees at Infinity Rehab

our history

Infinity Rehab offers therapy services in over 200 locations from Florida to Washington State. No matter where our employees serve their patients, we’re proud to share our irresistible culture.


Mike and Bob

Infinity Rehab was founded by Mike Billings and Bob Thomas in 1999


Prestige Care Logo

Joint venture formed with Prestige Care


Infinity Rehab Leaders

Started offering outpatient services and held the first Symposium in Portland, OR


Therapy Solutions Logo

Purchased Therapy Solutions to provide staffing services


Hands combined

Reached 120 customers in 7 states


Launched employee professional development program



Initiated focus on quality and clinical outcomes


Leadership Academy Logo

Created the Infinity Rehab vision statement, formed the Practice Council, and launched Leadership Academy


Therapist Working

Worked with over 10,000 patients from 1999-2016


Smart Solutions

Developed SMART solutions to revolutionize delivery of post-acute care rehab services


Clinical Champions Logo

Launched Clinical Champions program


Great Place to Work Certified Logo

Earned Great Place to Work designation and celebrated 20 years providing therapy services


Clinical Academy Logo

Launched the Clinical Academy


Infinity Rehab at Home Logo

Infinity Rehab at Home launches, providing convenient therapy in the comfort of patients' homes.


Let's Socialize

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